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Ryde Working Men’s Rowing Club

Isle of Wight Observer September 18 1886

On Saturday evening three members of the Ryde Working Men’s Rowing Club paid a visit to Miss Brigstocke, at Stonepitts. After thanking her for all she had done for the club, and stating that, but for her kindness in presenting them with a rowing galley, they could not have taken part in the coast regattas and won so many prizes, they begged her to accept the most valuable prize they had won – a silver model of a galley, with Vectis engraved on the bow, which they had won at Southsea. Miss Brigstocke accepted the gift, and expressed herself highly gratified.

BICYCLE RACES – It has been a matter of regret to a considerable number that there have been no bicycle races this season, as these have been heretofore very attractive. The Vectis Cycling club have, however, been unable to raise sufficient funds, and we would suggest to lovers of cycling the propriety of taking matters early in hand and endeavouring to raise sufficient to carry out one race meeting before the dark days of winter set in. If all the wheelmen in Ryde and neighbourhood would give 2s 6d each, something could be done, and this would doubtless encourage those of the general public who are fond of cycling races, to subscribe too. At all events we hope the season will not be allowed to slip quite by without a race meeting, or at least an effort to arrange one.

AMATEUR ART SOCIETY – We understand that the above society will hold its seventh annual exhibition in the Odd Fellows’ Hall, on the 24th, 25th and 26th of November next. Members intending to exhibit should send a list of their works to the hon secretary, Sir William Levinge, Sutherland Lodge, St John’s Park, not later than the 10th of November.

HELP FOR THE BLIND – We are pleased to learn that a committee has been formed (consisting of Gen Carr Tate, Dr Johnstone, and Capt Hessman), for the purpose of aiding the indigent blind in the Isle of Wight. The work is conducted by a blind colporteur, whose duty it is to call on, and instruct those who are desirous of learning to read Moon’s raised letters, also chair caning, music &c. Funds are much needed to efficiently carry on this work, and any contributions will be thankfully received by any of the committee, or by the blind colporteur. We are informed that there are no less than 60 blind persons in the island.

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