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Entering a Train in Motion

Isle of Wight Times February 14, 1878

A dangerous event on the Railway

TUESDAY – Before J Coape, Esq., (in the chair), T Leach, Esq., and Capt. Young.
George Beazley, taxidermist, High-street, Ryde, was charged by the Isle of Wight Railway company with getting into a train whilst in motion on Sunday, 27th ult. – Mr Wooldridge appeared for the complainant, and from his statement, and the evidence of George Corbett, Brading Station-master, Godshill, the guard, and Wyatt, goods guard, it appeared that defendant was liable to a 40s penalty. Defendant indulged in a rather common practice, fraught with danger, and occasioning trouble to officials, who often had to risk their lives. Defendant came up the line, and with George Brading and Mr Marks, got out at Brading, at 8.38pm. They spoke to some females at the waiting room. The station-master asked if they were going on. Defendant said no. The train started. Defendant made a rush into a carriage, but while partly in, Brading endeavoured to pull him back. The station-master prevented this, and had to run the length of the platform to shut the door. But for the train going slowly, the station-master feared all would have been down. – Defendant said Brading asked him to tell his wife he shouldn’t be home that night. But for his being out of town, Brading would have been present as a witness. – Fined £1, with 7s 6d costs.

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