‘Giving Ryde’s Past to the Future’

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Observer 27th January 1855

The Esplanade – The plans &c., of this much desired improvement have been forwarded for approval to the Admiralty. It is expected that it will be commenced immediately after the breaking up of the frost, so as to be completed by next summer. Its completion will add much to the beauty of our shore, and afford an excellent marine drive, of which at present we are destitute. We hear, however, that a petition against its formation has been forwarded to the Admiralty, but the movement, we expect, will be futile.


THE MARKET-HOUSE – Great improvements are being made in this building by cutting off the west wing, thus reducing it to dimensions more suitable to the trade done in it. It is now, in our opinion, too large, and would have been much better if confined to the east wing, without the centre part being retained. The building has been whitewashed also, and made more cleanly; but it will never answer until it is made more comfortable, and the south side thrown open.

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