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Cleanliness is in the eye of the beholder…..

Isle of Wight Observer June 25 1881

To the Editor of the Isle of Wight Observer
Dear Sir, – I have been staying in Ryde for the last three months, and have been greatly pleased and interested in the various alterations and improvements which are taking place in the town. The sea front and Esplanade, and the grounds round the new boating lake, will be very pretty and attractive when they are clothed with shrubs and flowers, and when completed will form an esplanade that any town may be proud of. I have also paid a visit to the new college: the excellent arrangement of the school, its healthy situation and beautiful grounds must soon bring it into prominence. There are also many alterations and improvements on the pier: the enlargement of the pier head the nice waiting room, and the very pretty refreshment room. I hear also that the directors have engaged a first-class band to play three times a day during the season, and that it is their intention to erect a band stand and two large awnings with chairs, &c., for the convenience of visitors. What can be more pleasant than to spend an hour or two on Ryde Pier, watching the arrival and departure of the steamboats and trains, the yachts, steamboats, and, the great variety of vessels constantly passing between Portsmouth, Southampton, and Cowes, the ironclad fleet at Spithead, the lovely view of the town from the pier, with the towers of Osborne in the distance? To talk of the piers of Brighton, Hastings, and Eastbourne, where the land has not a tree to clothe it, and the sea is without a sail, does seem to me to be absurd. Ryde pier only wants a few conveniences and improvements to make it the most beautiful and attractive on the South Coast. I believe many of the inhabitants of Ryde are not aware of the comforts and conveniences of the bathing on the Victoria Pier. The baths are one hundred yards in length by thirty feet in width, with frequent openings for experienced swimmers to go out into the open sea. The dressing boxes are convenient and all the arrangements comfortable. There are spring boards and diving poles to take a header from, and you know that the water is fresh as the open sea can make it. By taking a book of tickets you can bathe for 4 1/2d, and the tide serves for twelve hours out of the twenty-four. Few towns have so good bathing, and I have fully enjoyed my dip from the Victoria Pier. The town of Ryde only requires a little more public spirit and energy to make it one of the most prosperous places in England. Wishing Ryde every success, and hoping that I shall be spared to pay this clean and healthy town many more visits, believe me, dear Sir, your obedient servant,            VIATOR.


To the Editor of the Isle of Wight Observer
Sir – I am sorry  to be obliged to complain of the way in which the scavenging of the town is carried on. Frequently during the last year or so my dust bin has been left three weeks and a month without being touched, and I find on talking to my neighbours that mine is not the only case. I think the Town Council really ought to see into this matter, which is a serious inconvenience and a nuisance.
Yours, &c.,             A RATEPAYER

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