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Advertising Ryde

Isle of Wight Observer May 13, 1899

To the Editor of the Isle of Wight Observer
Sir – I have some idea that a committee was once formed to advertise Ryde, but what they have done I do not know. Of course, before we ask people to live in Ryde, we should provide accommodation for them. However, “that is another story”. A friend of mine has been roused to action by a paragraph in your late issue re Ventnor advertising. He suggests a small book illustrated with wood cuts and with letterpress stating the advantages of the place, shooting clubs, golf clubs, hunting, cricket clubs, race fixture (Ashey), social clubs, yacht clubs, football clubs, coursing clubs, rowing and sailing clubs, &c., to be sent to different hotels at home and abroad, and that if nicely got up the proprietors will be only too glad to put it on the tables of the public sitting rooms. His opinion is not unbacked, as he proposes if others assist to contribute £20 to the funds of such object. Of course, hotel accommodation is a serious consideration to visitors. – It would be useful to know what assistance we may expect in that quarter, from the owners of Hotels, &c.
Yours respectfully,
J F C Hamilton
Spencer Lodge, Ryde, May 8th, 1899
NB – The idea roughly is to have in a book well bound a photograph illustrating each of our clubs and attractions, and opposite short descriptive letterpress.

Ryde Pier Season Tickets
Dear Sir, – The Brighton Pier Company meets the wants of the many by issuing season tickets as below: For 12 months, at £1 1s; for 6 months, at 12s; for 3 months, at 7s; and it “pays”, in consequence. The Ryde Pier Company meets the wants of the few by issuing only annual season tickets, and it doesn’t “pay”. This would seem to point to the looseness of a “screw” in the management of the latter company, to which your screw-driver might be applied with prospect of advantage to both the public and the Pier Company.
Yours truly,
Gloucester House, 10th May, 1899

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