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New Musical Society

Isle of Wight Observer January 9 1858

A New Musical Society for Ryde – 1858

THE NEW MUSICAL SOCIETY – The Public are respectfully informed that the FIRST CONCERT OF THE RYDE MUSICAL UNION will take place at the Victoria Rooms on Thursday next January 14, at 7.30pm. There will be an orchestra, (strengthened by the addition of an Organ and a Pianoforte) and a Chorus.
The Programme will include a varied selection of popular music by Mendelssohn, Rossini, Dr Monk, Trekell, Gungl, D’Albert, Aldrich, Braham, Sir H A Bishop, &c., &c.
Prices of Admission: Reserved seats, 2s; Front Seats, 1s; Back seats 6d; or Family tickets for the whole series of Four Concerts, may be taken at 5s, 10s, or £1 according to the number &c., of the Tickets.
Apply at Misses’ Gibbs’ Library, or of the Conductor, Mr A S Hollloway, Professor of Music, Ryde.

RYDE MUSICAL UNION – This society was formed, under the leadership of Mr Holloway, to supply a want long felt in Ryde. The various harmonic societies hitherto established, confined themselves exclusively to secular music, while the “Sacred” ones rushed to the other extreme, as its name imports; and all of them consequently are “used up”. The new musical union has discarded exclusiveness altogether, simply aiming to combine all the available musical talent the town affords, and will avail itself alike of the beauties of Handel and Bishop, Haydn and Nerdi, Mozart and Jullien, or any other standard composers. The first concert in connection with this society will take place at the Victoria-rooms on Thursday next, and we trust that the public will extend the patronage towards it which it really deserves.

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