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Isle of Wight Observer – May 13 1876


We are pleased to say that our ingenious townsman, Mr Edward Harris, has just patented a new contrivance for securing envelopes in such a manner as to render it absolutely impossible to open them, when once sealed, without breaking the envelope. The contrivance is extremely simple: a hole is made in the envelope into which the point of that part which folds over is inserted, and a small piece of gum secures it inside, as well as in the ordinary way. It is quite impossible to open the envelope without tearing it. Mr Harris is now manufacturing a number of these envelopes for His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, and we should imagine they would be generally adopted by all who desire to secure privacy in their correspondence.


An official return issued within the last few days gives a statement of the cost of the forts around the Island. From this document we find that the total amount expended on Horse Sand Fort, Spit Bank, and No Man’s Land Forts, up to the time when the return was made, was £929,557; Puckpool and St Helen’s, £108,042; Gillkicker Battery, £58,703. The total sum for the forts of the Portsmouth station was £2,373,900.

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