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Isle of Wight Observer April 6, 1867

Sir, the want of a recreation ground for the town of Ryde is more apparent; indeed this want will be still more severely felt as the town and population increases. This subject has on several occasions been mooted by the Commissioners and the public, but up to this time without result. Of the great advantages that would result from the establishment of such a place it is necessary to speak, as they are unuversally admitted. It seems to me that the old Board would do well – even if they failed in the effort – to make application for the garden ground at the top of West-street, which is now lying idle. If this spot was devoted to this purpose, there would necessarily be roads around it, which would be very valuable as building frontages, and this consideration would probably have its weight with the owners. We all know that the insuperable difficulty hitherto has been that of obtaining land, and the idea I have suggested, if acted upon by the Commissioners, may be as unsuccessful as former efforts have been; but as the proceedings of the Board are made known to the public through the medium of the Press, I am of opinion that it would give general satisfaction if some of the members would bring the subject forward with a view to negotiation, even though it may be unattended with success.
Yours, &c.,

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