Where? 1 – Royal Esplanade Hotel, Ryde.
Where? 2 – Dry end of Ryde Pier, on the left side.
Where? 3 – Behind the wall in the Rose Garden, opposite Lloyd’s the Chemist. This is the sea wall, where the boats were tied up.
Where? 5, 6, 7, 9 – All Royal Esplanade Hotel.
Where? 8 – Bottom of George Street, on the left. This was the Post Office, and the box has the monogram of King George VI.
Where?10, 11, 12 – The Royal Victoria Arcade, Union Street.
Where? 13 – On the two shelters on the west side of Ryde pier – the left hand side as you’re driving/walking towards the wet end.
Where? 14 – 32 Castle Street.
Where ? 15 – This is an old bricked-up doorway opposite the bottom of Nelson Street – next to the Esplanade Surgery Car Park.
Where? 16 – Royal Victoria Arcade Rotunda ceiling.
Where? – 17 – Richmond House, The Strand – two along from Ryde Castle.
Where? 18 – Newchurch/St Helen’s Parish Boundary marker  – opposite Cornwall Slip – Ryde was in Newchurch Parish until 1866.
Where? 19 – In Ashleigh Gardens, Esplanade. In front of the pelican crossing.
Where? 20 – Next to the trampolines on the sea-front.
Where? 21 – EASY!!!!! Appley Tower – built circa 1865 – to allow the ladies of the Manor to watch the plebs in peace!
Where? 22 – Top of Regina House, 60 Union Street.
Where? 23 – Spencer Road.
Where? 24 – Kimberley House, 30 George Street.
Where? 25 – Suffolk Towers boot scraper – Next to George Street Centre, George Street.
Where? 26 – Dragons and Elizabethan chimneys on Suffolk Towers.
Where? 27 – Lampost outside Suffolk Towers. The wall has been built around this post.The two horizontal bars are where the lamp-lighter rested his ladder.
Where? 28 – Above the door of the Royal Squadron Hotel, Union Street. This is a very old building, which used to be called the Royal Kent Hotel. It is said that Queen Victoria used rooms here.
Where? 29 – Number 15 Union Street. This small arcade has had several very different uses!!
Where? 30 – These roses are on the ceiling in the Royal Victoria Arcade.
Where? 31 – On either side of the Royal Victoria Arcade is a small door. Each door has a pineapple above it. This was a sign of welcome.
Where? 32 – This decorated window is above Lavender’s Blue, in Union Street.
Where? 33 – There are two of these heads above a doorway of Joe’s Restaurant, in Union Street.
Where? 34 – These sunflowers are above the door of Regina House, Number 60, Union Street.
Where? 35 – Corner of George Street and Melville Street
Where? 36 – Castle Street
Where? 37 – Bellevue Road
Where? 38 – On the side wall of The Black Sheep
Where? 39 – Bellevue Road
Where? 40 – Lind Street – the Colonnade
Where? 41 – Lind Street – one of two lampposts with the sea serpent incorporated in Ryde Borough’s crest on the base.
Where? 41 – Ryde Town Square – Theo
Where? 42 – Above Boots, High Street
Where? 43 – Just past Mellish’s, High Street
Where? 44 – Above Hospice shop, High Street
Where? 45 – Ryde Town Square, next to Somerfield
Where? 46 – St Thomas’ Street, opposite Brigstocke Terrace
Where? 47 – These iron hooks appear at various intervals on the edge of the pavement along the west side of Union Street. What are they?
Where? 48 – Junction of Swanmore Road and Ratcliffe Avenue
Where? 49 – Monkton Street

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