Isle of Wight Observer September 14, 1878.

Messrs Perry, the contractors for the new works on the Esplanade, have already commenced blocking up the entrance to the Victoria Docks, and great inconvenience has thereby been occasioned to the carriers of the town, who have, we understand, held a meeting among themselves to consider what is to be done. The space at which they can land goods is now so limited that it is thought that while the works are in progress it will be better to take the goods to St Helen’s. This, we are informed, will entail an extra cost of something like1d per cwt, although the carriers do not propose to charge more than 2d. It is evident, however,that the public cannot expect to have their goods sent so cheaply or so quickly as formerly for the carriers must wait for the tide at Brading Harbour, keep men here to load and unload, and then pay freight by railway to Ryde. The Council have added further difficulties to the carriers by issuing the following notice:

Notice is hereby given, that in order to prevent inconvenience and obstruction to persons landing goods on the George-street slipway, all goods must be removed from off the slipway immediately on being landed. Vehicles will not be allowed to stand on the slipway for the purpose of taking up or putting down goods. Goods must not be brought upon the slipway except for immediate embarcation. Police have instructions to prosecute any persons causing any obstruction on the slipway. 

The difficulty of carrying out such regulations as these just at the present time, when the space at disposal on the slipway and docks has been so much curtailed, has been one reason why the carriers have thought of going to Brading Harbour. It would be impossible to carry out such regulatons under existing circumstances.

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