Ryde Ramblers′ Cricket Club

During last season a feeling was specifically brought before the notice of the public of Ryde and neighbourhood that the manly game of cricket would be much enjoyed by the youths and young men of the industrial classes during the fine Saturday half-holidays, and other leisure time, if they could get the opportunities of such enjoyment within their reach. There are Clubs, it is true, for private gentlemen or individuals holding tolerably good positions; but for the large class included within the terms of artisan and mechanic there has been practically, no Club; therefore, we were pleased to see towards the close of last season the Club named at the head of this paragraph come into existence, and, there is evidence of its containing the germs of healthy long life if but it can obtain some little substantial outside support in this its initiatory stage. Like all other undertakings of this class the preliminary expences (sic) are difficult to be met by its members, most of whom are, of course, not over-blessed with the commercial trinity yclept £ s d. Whilst stating that members’ names will be gladly welcomed by the Hon Secretary – G Perkis, Cedar Cottage, Weeks’, the Treasurer – A Jenkins, Haylands, and A Sothcott, 63, St John’s-road, Ryde – subscriptions will be received by these officers of the Club.

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