Outpost duty 1901

Isle of Wight Observer January 19 1901

On Thursday evening there was a good muster of the members of the Ryde Volunteer detachment, in Lind Street, and at half-past seven they started in the direction  of High Park, the idea being to train the men in outpost duty, by intercepting two cyclists who were trying to get into Ryde. Sentries were placed at High Park, Westridge, Cherrygin, and other places, and the two cyclists were unable to penetrate the cordon, and were duly captured. One of them was Mr Hapgood, jun, who rides very well. Major Sweetman was in command of the detachment, which returned to Ryde, headed by the band, about a quarter past nine.

EARL ROBERTS’ COURTESY – Our townsman, the author of the verses entitled “Our Hero’s Return” (which appeared in the IW Observer of January 5th) sent a copy of them to Earl Roberts, and received a letter of thanks from the Field-Marshal, in which he stated that he accepted with pleasure the dedication of the verses.

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