Inspection of Volunteers

Isle of Wight Observer September 18, 1886

This annual event was fixed for Friday last at Parkhurst, and in the midst of a drenching rain our local corps wended their way to Parkhurst, where they joined the other detachments, the total number present being 536. The corps awaited the Inspecting Officer (Col Moorsom, commanding the 37th Regimental district), till half-past four. He was telegraphed to come at once, but he sent back to say he could not; he had made a mistake as to the day, and would see the regiment at 11 o’clock next day, which was of course impossible with Volunteers, many of whom have a difficulty in getting a day off at this busy time of the year. As the officer did not put in an appearance the regiment was inspected by Col Atherley, being drawn up in a line in review order and at the double. All these movements were well executed. The Colonel subsequently put his men through the usual battalion movements. These being finished, addressing the regiment, Col Atherley expressed regret at the absence of the inspecting officer, and said he did not think he ever saw the battalion turn out much better. The muster was very good, and the drill, as far as it had gone, was as good as one could expect or wish for. An interesting presentation was then made by the Commanding Officer to Quartermaster-sergeant Watts, consisting of an illuminated address and a piece of plate, subscribed for by officers, non-commissioned officers, and the men of the battalion. After a service of twenty-six years Mr Watts, the Colonel said, had left the regiment with the regard and esteem of everyone. The work he had done would not soon be forgotten, especially by those who had spent a week under canvas. The address, was nicely framed, and artistically finished in gold and silver.

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