Ryde pier August 1871

Ryde Pier Tramway

TIMES, August 10th 1871 – “The Ryde Pier Railway” as the Pier Company are pleased to call the new tramway to the railway station, was opened for traffic on Monday morning. During the whole of the day the tram carriages were loaded with passengers; the appearance of these conveyances along the Esplanade may be ornamental (considering the slovenly condition of the locality just now), but we can scarcely say they add to the safety of the community – juveniles especially. However the temporary rails have been put down without the consent of Parliament, but with the consent of our own Corporation; and we must observe silence and bear the annoyance with martyr-like resignation. We understand that a gentleman of Ryde has made it his business to consult the authorities at the Board of Trade on this matter, but he discovered that the board could not interfere. He seems to have learned this, however, that, if a locomotive is run on any part of the tramway without a month’s notice is given, the Board of Trade will be in a position to secure a penalty of £20 during such steam traffic. If this is correct the company must take care that the locomotive is not run up to Simeon-street unless they first give the requisite public notice; and even then strict precaution must be used for the safety of the public.

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