Yet more pier improvements

Isle of Wight Observer June 8 1861

During the week, the pavilion, which formerly was the place of shelter on the end of the pier, has been moved and placed about a fourth of the way up on the western side. It has certainly rather a one-sided appearance, but its convenience will more than counterbalance that. To our eyes, the bins or sentry-boxes, or whatever they may be likened unto, which remain and are used for shops, are really unsightly, and considerably mar the effect of the grand improvement at the end; and we hope to see them removed. Inadvertently a few weeks ago we did an injustice to Mr Harvey, the pier carpenter, for it was under his superintendence that the excellent suite of rooms was constructed. The water pipes, which were broken when the colliers went through the pier some months since, are not repaired yet, so that yachtsmen feel some inconvenience.

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