‘Giving Ryde’s Past to the Future’

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Ryde Pier Entertainment

Isle of Wight Observer – August 25 1855

THE PIER – Some considerable dissatisfaction has been expressed of late, in consequence of the lack of amusement for visitors who resort here; and reasonable ground seems to be afforded for such dissatisfaction. The Pier Company accordingly resumed the old sport of the “pig and the pole”; which rude and dangerous as it was to those who engaged in it, still formerly it afforded great hilarity to the spectators. A change has however taken place in public feeling, and the attempted resuscitation of (to say the least) an irrational scene was received in dudgeon, both from the character of the sport and the manner in which it was attempted to be carried out. We, therefore, have the greater pleasure in stating that a far more rational and attractive plan was adopted on Saturday last, on which occasion the splendid band of the 80th Regiment stationed at Portsmouth was (by the kind permission of Lieut-Col Hutchison) sent over to Ryde, and played during the afternoon an excellent selection of pieces; and we understand it will be repeated every Saturday. There was an exceedingly large assemblage of the elite on the Pier-head, on the afternoon in question, there not being less perhaps than two thousand present. Most of the bandsmen (although young men) wore two medals – obtained for services in India and Burmah from whence the regiment is lately returned.
There is a small band on the Pier every evening when the weather permits, which would soon be augmented if the subscriptions would warrant the step, and we hope something will be done to accomplish that end.

TOWN OFFICES – The new offices adjoining the Town-hall are completed; and they consist of clerk’s, surveyor’s, collector and inspector of nuisance’s, and market-keeper’s offices, and a board-room for the Commissioners; the whole of which will in winter be warmed with gas.

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