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The Ryde Pier Baths

Isle of Wight Observer May 25, 1895

THE RYDE PIER BATHS – The baths on the Victoria Pier have been closed for a week or two. Considerable damage was done to the Pier by the storms of last winter. Several piles were washed out and two slipways carried away completely. As considerable work was necessary to repair damages, and to make the baths suitable for the coming season, advantage was taken of the circumstance to thoroughly improve the bathing accommodation. Under the superintendence of Mr H Roberts the secretary and manager of the Pier, a number of additions have been made to the gentlemen’s side. The little dressing rooms have been completely refitted in a more comfortable style, and additional accommodation has been afforded for quite 100 bathers. The platform in front of the dressing boxes has been widened, and in other ways the comfort of bathers has been studied. An addition, which we believe will be appreciated, is a fresh water shower bath, so that those who come out of the sea will now be able to wash off the salt water if they desire to do so. It must not be supposed that the damage referred to has interfered with the warm sea baths, etc., which have been proved to have such fine medicinal properties. These have been available all through the winter, and the alterations only necessitated discontinuing them for about a week. The Bathing Pier will be opened in a few days, and we believe the alterations made will meet with general approval. The Pier Company are certainly to be congratulated on their spirited efforts to cater for the convenience of the bathing public. We paid a visit to the Victoria Pier a few days since and were struck with the clearness of the sea, the bottom being clearly visible in 10 or 15 feet of water. There were then a number of beautiful medusa or jellyfish floating about, which sailors say is a sign of approaching hot weather.

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