Hampshire Telegraph, Saturday, November 1st, 1845

Holy Trinity Church

Holy Trinity Church, Dover Street, Ryde
Holy Trinity Church, Dover Street, Ryde

The new Church was consecrated on Tuesday last, under circumstances of extreme interest. The sacred edifice was dedicated to the Holy Trinity. An eloquent sermon was preached by the Lord Bishop of the Diocese; and the collection at the Offertory amounted to 111l, including a donation of 30l from our revered Diocesan. This result was the more gratifying as the large sum of 85l was contributed at St Thomas\’s Church only two months ago for the same object. After service the Bishop and Clergy, to the number of more than fifty, partook of refreshment at the Pier Hotel, provided by the Committee; and in the evening, the Rev W S and Mrs Spencer Phillips entertained the Bishop, and a party of ladies and gentlemen, at dinner, at their residence, Courtfield.

A Gentleman in Ryde has very liberally purchased a ton of the best Rice, to be sold to the poor at a cheap rate during the winter on account of the failure of the potato crop!

Ryde was never known to be more full of company at this season than at the present.

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