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Royal Victoria Arcade opening delay

Hampshire Advertiser June 18, 1836

The opening of this splendid building was postponed by its proprietor, W H Banks, esq. for a short time, at the request of the Freemasons, in consequence of the illness of Lord Yarborough; his lordship is now, we are  happy to state, gradually recovering, and will preside at the ceremonial on next Wednesday se’nnight, when a provincial lodge will be held at Ryde, and a large concourse of the Brethren will attend to perfect the work, they so kindly and ably began last year; and the cope stone will be fixed in Masonic form.

Ryde is filling fast, and a good season is anticipated. Many families of distinction arrived during the past week.

At a meeting at the Town-hall, on Wednesday evening, in behalf of the London Missionary Society, the sum of 28l. was collected.

A meeting will be held at the Town-hall on Friday next, to consider the expediency of establishing a Dispensary for the poor.

Birth, on Friday morning, the lady of Captain T T Harington, of a son.

Married, on the 11th instant, Henry R Glynn, esq. Lieut. RN, to Anne Margaret, eldest daughter of the late J Kearney, esq.

Died, on the 10th instant, Mr Thomas Raddon, aged 32.


In fact, Lord Yarborough’s illness was protracted, and the arcade was opened by Mr Blachford, of Newport, on July 1st, 1836.

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