Lines on the Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight Observer January 23, 1892

Oh! fairest of isles – fair isle of the sea.
So lovely to others, yet more so to me!
‘Tis fashion’s cold custom which throws thee aside,
And takes up with places, not equal to Ryde.
Leave fashion alone, and try our dear air,
Give health to your system, and bloom to your fair.
Bathe from the Pier, where there’s plenty of water,
And room for you all, both mother and daughter.
After leaving the briny, a stroll you should take,
And gaze on the views you will see from the Lake;
Then visit the town, so clean and so neat,
You can walk through it all without soiling your feet.
Then saunter to lunch – enjoy that as well –
And when you have done – just touch the bell;
Then order a trap, the Island to view,
And when you return you will say it is true
That never saw you an Island so bright,
As this beautiful Island, this Island of Wight!
January, 1892                  VISITOR

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