Isle of Wight Observer March 18, 1893

New business in Union Street

We understand the well-known firm of Messrs Oetzman and Co., furnishers, of London, have taken the whole of Mr J N Tarrant’s premises in Union Street (except the shop, which is still retained by Mr Tarrant), and will open show rooms there in a few days, under the management of Mr Masters.

Many of our readers will be interested to learn that Mr Softley, who has been carrying on business as a chemist in Union Street, for five or six years, is about to leave Ryde, and has disposed of his prescription books, recipes, &c., to Messrs Gibbs and Gurnell, who will in future compound all the proprietary articles, prescriptions, &c., formerly dispensed by Mr Softley.

THE LETTING OF THE TOWN HALL – We have received complaints about the system of letting the Town Hall, and the fact that concerts and entertainments are allowed to take place too close together. It is asserted that even when the hall is booked months in advance, those in charge of the letting arrangements will let it again for a concert or entertainment the very night before that already booked. It is suggested to us that a Town Hall Committee should be appointed, whose duty it should be to see fair play, and prevent anything of this kind being done.

THE RYDE INSTITUTE – We are glad to record that this valuable institution, inaugurated by the Vicar of Ryde, has attained a large measure of success, and with the view of obtaining the necessary funds to complete the furnishing of Brentwood, it has been decided to give an evening concert at the Town Hall, on Tuesday, the 11th of April. Full particulars will shortly be announced.

WILFUL DAMAGE – The inhabitants of our town occasionally have their tempers severely tried by purposeless mischief. Amongst those entitled to our sympathy under this head is Miss Le Ber, of Cross Street, who recently had some white letters placed on her shop window advertising her business. Some mischievous elf, however, in the night, picked these letters nearly all away. This has occurred twice. Why anyone should do this to a person so generally respected as Miss Le Ber we are at a loss to imagine.

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