‘Giving Ryde’s Past to the Future’

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Isle of Wight Observer June 28, 1884

Business Changes 1884

BUSINESS CHANGES – Persons returning to Ryde after an absence of a few years would not fail to notice the changes which have taken place. They would doubtless admire the new business quarter in High-street, but would be more struck by the changes which have taken place in the oldest street in the town – Pier-street. For a great number of years the large house, known as Union House, was a railway enquiry office. That will shortly be opened as a restaurant. From time immemorial the shop near it has been occupied by a chemist. That is now closed, and our respected townsman, Mr T S Flower, has removed therefrom to the house next to Mr Hooper’s fine premises. Those who admire the neat and tasteful appearance of Mr Flower’s new establishment will almost fail to recognise it as the dingy old-fashioned place in which the late Mr Moses formerly carried on business. The change has been complete, and the improvement to the street near Mr Hooper’s is very considerable. We trust Mr Flower will be successful in his new business premises, and that the old shop will soon find a tenant. The work of alteration has been carried out by Mr Hiram Jenkins. The only old-fashioned house in Pier-street now is Mrs Parsons’ restaurant, which, as a genuine relic of old Ryde, we hope will long escape the inevitable changes which time, sooner or later, brings.

Looking West along Pier Street, Ryde
Looking West along Pier Street, Ryde

The following image looks west along Pier Street.

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