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Charity in 19th century Ryde

Isle of Wight Observer January 25th, 1890

St Faith’s Preventive Home – the report of this excellent charity (which originated in the kindly heart of Mrs Worsley), has just been issued, together with the balance sheet. The report acknowledges, with great thankfulness, the kind help given at the sale of work, in Easter last. With hands thus strengthened the managers have been enabled to rescue and provide for several more children. Two homeless little ones have been saved from the itinerant life of destitute tramps. During the year eleven children have been sheltered and sent to other homes, and twelve remain in at present. The Home cost £215 to support, and £296 were collected for it, so that there is a balance in hand of £81. The report is signed Mrs A W Spring and Mrs M R Tomlin, as visitors; and Mrs Worsley as Secretary.

The Refuge Home, Ryde – The annual report of the above home, which has just been issued, says; “We do indeed need continued and increased support, for the nature of many of the cases received and helped is a very large expense to the funds; and in a refuge how can we turn adrift, without an effort to influence for good, those who seek our sympathy? Thirty-three girls have passed through during the past year, and we do ask earnestly for more subscriptions to carry on the work. The continued assistance and ever ready aid afforded by Messrs Rich and Davies, as well as kind gifts of clothing, meat, fruit and vegetables have been invaluable, for which we render our heartiest thanks. We are sorry to find from the financial statement there is a balance due to the hon. treasure of £102, so that help is needed.

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