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Transport and banking in 1860s Ryde

Isle of Wight Observer June 8 1861

GREASING THE WHEELS –  According to custom, the first week in June is signalised by the full force of Rockets being placed on the road between Ryde and Ventnor; there being three fours-in-hand running daily by that firm alone. So, on Monday last, that well-known whip, Loader, mounted the box for a second “outing” with a freight or friends who were to meet others at the Royal Hotel, Ventnor, per the Union from Cowes, whose combined object was to “grease the wheels”; which object was accomplished accordingly. Mr Bush, as usual, catered to the satisfaction of the guests; and, after the congratulatory toasts and other routine compliments, personal and general, which generally follow good cheer, the party broke up and returned again. This annual reunion is highly esteemed by many of those who were assembled on the occasion. There are now five four-horse coaches daily running to Ventnor; four from Ryde, and one from Cowes – a rather extraordinary circumstance in these days.

THE STAR OMNIBUS – This well-appointed contrivance, Elkins himself the whip, resumed running for the season between the Eagle Hotel, Ryde, and Shanklin Chine, on Monday last; affording to visitors and others a cheap and beautiful afternoon drive to some of the most romantic scenery of the Island. The route, of course, is through Brading and Sandown; and every tourist having time, should embrace the opportunity.

THE NEWPORT ROCKET – Our esteemed friend, Lambert, too, has appeared in full summer force, between Ryde, Newport and Carisbrooke Castle; thus giving to visitors another opportunity of visiting the Island beauties, at an exceeding cheap rate. All that is now wanted is fine weather; everything else will follow as a matter of course.

This four-in-hand is on Ryde Esplanade, outside the Osborn Hotel. Thanks to the County Record Office for this image.

Coach and four outside the Osborne Hotel on Ryde Esplanade
Coach and four outside the Osborne Hotel on Ryde Esplanade