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The uses of museums….

Isle of Wight Observer February 28, 1863

LECTURE: A lecture on “The geology of the Isle of Wight” was delivered at the Museum of the Isle of Wight Philosophical and Scientific Society, on Monday evening, by Mr Ernest P Wilkins. There was an attendance of about 50. The first portion of the lecture was devoted to a description of the uses of museums in general – they did not educate men, but taught learned men; and created a praiseworthy thirst for knowledge, which superseded the taste for beer and other things. He then went on to deliver what he termed a little geological talk, which consisted of an outline of general geology, with a concise descriptive account of the geology of this Island, in which he was aided by numerous diagrams, maps and fossils, to which he had frequent recourse. He was awarded a vote of thanks at its conclusion.

DARING ROBBERY – A very daring robbery was committed about 8 o’clock on Monday evening in Warwick-street. It being washing-day at one of the houses in the street, the clothing of the family was suspended on a line in the yard to dry; the man occupying the house being at work in a little shop at one end of the yard, whilst the mistress was pursuing her avocation over the washing-pan in the wash-house at the other end; notwithstanding this, the robber completely stripped one line of the clothes, kindly placing the pegs down in a heap, and was evidently proceeding with the spoliation of the remaining line, when he, or she was to all appearances disturbed in this nefarious occupation. No clue has yet been obtained of the clothes or thief.

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