The stone-throwing nuisance

Isle of Wight Times January 17, 1878

To the Editor of the Isle of Wight Times, &c.,
Sir, – Will you use your powerful interest in trying to put a stop to a crying evil, viz., stone throwing? Only a few days since, I saw a lady struck by a stone thrown on the Strand; and yesterday I had a large pane of glass broken in my greenhouse. I think it is quite time the Mayor (who seems to have the interest of the borough at heart) and the Town Council gave their attention to this nuisance. I don’t believe the fault lies with the police (who I have always found ready and obliging – from the Superintendent down to the youngest constable), but the force is not sufficiently strong. Before they talk of increasing the rates for shore improvements, I think they ought to do for the police force, and let us have more constables, so that the residents may walk about without fear of having their eyes knocked out with a stone or their windows broken by some missile from a catapult.
I am, & c.W,
Ryde, Jan 11, 1878

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