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The awning nuisance

Isle of Wight Observer June 15 1861

There is a bye-law to the effect that awnings placed outside shop windows to keep off the sun, shall be seven feet in height from the pavement. The regulation is a good one, but it is not enforced; consequently, much inconvenience is felt by pedestrians whose stature exceeds the average. Of course, short people don’t experience the luxury of having their hats constantly knocked over their eyes, or off their heads; but we can assure them (especially those who delight in infringing the law) the process is very soothing to nervous or weakly tall folk. Perhaps these impediments upon the highway are so placed to invite the application of a sharp knife to clear them away; anyhow, such application would be deserved. Why don’t the police summon a string of the offenders?

Obviously, no-one paid any attention, as this later image of Union Street shows!

Union Street Awnings
Union Street Awnings

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