Nine Pennyworth of Pork

Isle of Wight Observer June 8 1861

Walter Hillman, a stableman, was brought up in custody, charged with being concerned in stealing a piece of pork, the property of Mr William Lock, pork-butcher, of High-street.
John Meader, a lad in the employ of Mr Lock, deposed – Last Saturday morning, the 1st of June, I saw the prisoner in Cross-street. He said to me, “Can you let me have a piece of pork tonight? If you can, I will buy it of you.” I said, “I will if I can”. We then parted. About 10 o’clock in the evening I saw him nearly opposite my master’s shop. I whistled to him. He came across and said, “Have you a piece for me?” I said, “Yes”. He gave me a handkerchief to put it in. I went into the stable and got two little pieces of meat which I had taken out of the slaughter house. I then took it to him in John-street, near the Masonic-hall, and sold it to him for 9d. He then went away. He has never had any meat of me before in the same way. The shop was open and master serving in it. I did not weigh the meat. It weighed about 2lbs, or a little more, I should think.
Thomas Priestly gave evidence as to seeing the prisoner and last witness together on Saturday night. George Williams corroborated Priestly’s evidence.
The Bench severely reprimanded Meader, and sentenced the prisoner to 3 months’ hard labour at Winchester gaol.

William Locke Pork Purveyors Bill of sale
William Locke Pork Purveyors Bill of sale