Postal arrangements

Isle of Wight Observer October 29, 1853

POSTAL ARRANGEMENTS- Our contemporaries for several weeks past have asserted that a memorial is in the course of signature to the Postmaster General with a view of altering the present absurd postal arrangements, especially at the eastern portion of the island. Although the existence of such a memorial is much to be desired, we have been unable to ascertain anything respecting it; and doubtless “the wish was father to the thought.” The grounds of complaint are, that the mid-day mail in Ryde is abolished, and the evening mail is despatched at 5.45, the box being closed one hour previously, so there is not sufficient time to answer the evening letters, however important the occasion may be. Again, letters posted at Sandown for Brading (a distance of two miles, in the same beat) must be posted about 4.0pm; they are then conveyed through Brading to Ryde, sent to Cowes, thence conveyed to Southampton, where they remain all night. In the morning they are brought back to Cowes, then to Ryde, and finally reach their destination about 9am, after travelling aobut 60 miles in 17 hours! We post our newspapers in Ryde for Sandown generally at 4.0pm on Fridays; they take the same circuitous route, and are seldom delivered before Sunday morning. Newspapers posted for us at Cowes and Newport on Thursday evenings rarely reach us till Saturday mornings. These, and similar extraordinary bad arrangements require a thorough revision.


SATURDAY – (Before Dr Lind)
George Griffin, a boy of Oakfield, was brought up for stealing turnips at St John’s, the property of Mr Yelf.
Fined 2s 6d, and 7s 6d costs. Paid.

WEDNESDAY – (Before Capt Brigstocke)
T Meader and his son were brought up by PC Complin for sleeping in an outhouse at St John’s Farm. This appeared to arise from family broils.
Reprimanded and discharged.

THURSDAY (Before Dr Lind)
John Smith (a skipper of a collier) was apprehended by PC Ward for being drunk and disorderly in the streets, and John Simmons (another skipper) was apprehended by PS Brazier for attempting to rescue Smith.
Smith was fined 5s and 7s 6d costs. Simmonds fined 7s 6d and 7s 6d costs.

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