Isle of Wight Observer December 29, 1855

General news…

CHRISTMAS EVE – Midnight mass was celebrated on the above occasion in Saint Marie’s church, Ryde. The edifice was crowded.

GAS WORKS – We have received the most strong complaints relative to the total absence of gas in the town during the Christmas holidays, and great inconveniences certainly arose from the circumstance. As there were so many strangers moving about in utter darkness, and our streets in so many places were blocked where public works were going on, it is surprising that no accidents occurred. The cause of this absence of gas was, that some alterations were going on at the works, and the festivities of Christmas interfered with the duties of the men employed upon them.

WATER WORKS – One of the main pipes bursted (sic) at Ashey again this week, to repair which necessitated the supply being stopped off for two days; why it should have taken half the time to repair such a trivial damage is to us inexplicable, but it must be remembered that this is the first casualty which has had to be attended to by the turncock, under whose charge that department is now placed.

THE WEATHER – After several weeks of almost unexampled cold weather, especially before Christmas, it suddenly broked up on Saturday night; the wind chopping round from NE to SW. The change was heralded in by vivid lightning wich was succeeded by rains and heavy squalls, which have prevailed more or less ever since.

ODD FELLOWS’ BALL – The tenth annual ball of the East Medina Lodge took place at the Star Inn, on Thursday evening. The attendance was numerous and respectable. The room was tastefully fitted up with evergreens, banners, &c., and dancing was kept up with great spirit to the strains of the Ryde Quadrille Band until an early hour. The refreshments provided by Mr and Mrs Elkins were liberal, and gave great satisfaction.

THE MAIL – The London mail was not delivered in Ryde on Sunday last until the afternoon. We understand the cause of the delay arose from the packet leaving Southampton without it, and the captain not discovering his mistake until after his arrival at Cowes.

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