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Art of Floating

Isle of Wight Observer – August 7 1858

ART OF FLOATING – The following hints may be of much service in this locality at the present season:- Any human being who will have the presence of mind to clasp the hands behind the back, and turn the face towards the zenith, may float at ease and in perfect safety, in tolerably still water – ay, and sleep there, no matter how long. If, not knowing the way to swim, you would escape drowning when you find yourself in deep water, you have only to consider yourself an empty pitcher. Let your mouth and nose – not the top part of your heavy head – be the highest part of you, and you are safe; but thrust up one of your bony hands, and down you go. Turning up the handle, tips over the pitcher. Having had the happiness to prevent one or two drownings by this simple instruction, we publish it for the benefit of all who either love aquatic sports or dread them.

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