Bruised hat due to low awnings! November 1858

Isle of Wight Observer November 1858

To the Editor of the Isle of Wight Observer

Sir, another season has been passed by me in a most agreeable manner at the charming town of Ryde, and being once more in my comfortable home, where, by my fireside on Saturday evenings I receive and read, as usual, with much gratification, your extremely amusing and intellectual Observer, in which you do not spare your fellow-townsmen if they deserve your censure, nor your praise and support when they merit it, and knowing the influence you possess in the minds of the good people of Ryde, will you do me the favour of trying once more to abate that intolerable nuisance, the low awnings in front of some of the shops in Union-street, and which have again obliged me to spend my money upon a new hat, owing to the bruises and knocks which the old one received in passing a shop nearly opposite to Yelf’s-hotel, the owner of which, a straw hat or bonnet maker, most obstinately persists, by the lowness of his awning, in rendering that side of the street almost impassible, even for moderately tall people?

Pray insert this in your next number, and oblige your friend and admirer,


There is also need of reformation in this point in many shops in the High-street.

Salisbury, 12th October, 1858

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