The Old Madrid Fancy Fair – 1907

April 1907

Very great interest is being evinced in the forthcoming Fancy Fair which is being arranged in aid of the Royal Isle of Wight County Hospital Building Fund. Such a deserving object should in itself form a strong inducement for the public to accord their support, but the host of attractions provided will doubtless entice a record number to the Town Hall on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
The aim of the Hospital Building Committee (of which Mr M Maybrick is the Chairman) has been, since its formation, to bring the Hospital as far as it is possible up to date in all its departments. A sanitary block has already been completed, which has proved to be an undoubted benefit to the Institution, and now the committee, instructed by the Governors, are erecting a new out-patients’ ward, isolation ward, mortuary, etc., improvements which were sorely needed, and which will be completed early in the summer. This block will cost a little over £5000, and of that amount £2000 is still needed, hence this Bazaar and Fancy Fair, which is being held in the hope that by the generosity and support of the public, the debt will be considerably reduced, if not entirely extinguished.

Ryde Town Hall - Old Madrid Fine Fair poster
Ryde Town Hall – Old Madrid Fine Fair poster

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