Isle of Wight Observer September 10, 1881

Very few persons, standing at the end of the newly-finished boating lake, would believe that it is as long as Union-street. So deceptive is water, however, that it hardly looks half the length. No-one will deny that it is a nice sheet of water, and on ordinary occasions presents an attractive appearance. The immense improvement to this part of the town, is acknowledged by everyone. On Wednesday last it looked particularly animated, for the roadways round it were thronged with people, while the lake itself had its usual calm surface disturbed by dozens of little toy boats, which were flitting backward and forward in every direction. 

A number of our townsmen had organised a model yacht club regatta, and were not a little surprised to discover the interest the whole thing excited, not merely amonst children, but to those of older growth. Indeed there seemed more interest excited in the contests of these little craft than is displayed here when the cracks, after which many of them are named, fight in grim earnest for town and commodore’s cups amidst the “stiff winds and the flowing sea” , which are presumed to be so grateful to the thorough yachtsman. We suppose it was because the little vessels were so well under observation.   

Mr George Pack acted as honorary secretary on the occasion, the Rev W M Harrison as starter, and Mr H Stone as umpire. There were four events. The first was for vessels for 1ft 6in and under; prizes 10s, 5s, 2s, 6d. The winners were: 1st Baraconta (cutter), 1ft 6in F Napier; 2nd Diamond (cutter) 1ft 3in H C J  West; 3rd Wave (cutter) 1ft 6in J A Thompson; six started.

In the race for vessels 2ft and under; prizes 15s, 7s 6d, 2s 6d, the winners were: 1st Enchantress (schooner) 1ft 10in Wilkinson; 2nd Stella (schooner) 1ft 7in E Austin; 3rd Ranger (cutter) 1ft 10in G Wearn; twelve started. For vessels 2ft 6in and under, prizes 15s, 7s 6d, 2s 6d. The winners were: 1st Buttercup (cutter) 2ft 3in W Loring; 2nd Nancy Bell (cutter) 2ft 6in J Marsh; 3rd Henrietta (cutter) 2ft 3in G Austin.

For vessels 3ft 6in and under; prizes 21s, 10s, 5. The winners were: 1st Vanduara (cutter) 3ft 6in J Morgan; 2nd Arrow (cutter) 3ft 1in F Waller; 3rd Oimara (cutter) 3ft 2in J Baker. There was also an open race, which caused considerable interest.

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