‘Giving Ryde’s Past to the Future’

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Isle of Wight Observer November 22, 1862

Music and mischief in 1860s Ryde
HARMONY – The Eagle harmonic still attracts numbers of the “lovers of song” on the appointed evening.

MUSICAL SOCIETY – Several of the young hands at “the heavenly art” in this town have formed themselves into a society, for the purpose of practising and attaining a high standing in the profession. Upon reaching anything like a respectable altitude in the musical standard, they intend giving a few concerts at a cheap rate to furnish amusement to the public, and also to themselves. Mr J Jenkins is the conductor.

QUADRILLE PARTY – Owing to the lack of success this party met with on Monday evening last, they have decided upon discontinuing their exertions for the winter, so there will be no regular “footing it” for those who love to do so.

A DESIDERATUM – Pedestrians can now pass from one side of the Esplanade to the other without soiling their “Day and Martin” by sinking ankle-deep in the mud, as a crossing has been laid near the bottom of George-street.