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The Morning Chronicle September 1, 1817

The expected honour of a visit from the Prince Regent is given up for the present, on account of the boisterous state of the weather. However, should the weather prove favourable, his Royal Highness is expected here in about a fortnight.

This place continues very well filled with company, Lord Henly, his family, and several others of the Nobility and persons of distinction are here.

Earl Spencer derives great benefit for his health from cruises at sea. The Noble Earl has in consequence hired a yacht at the rate of ten guineas a week, and frequently sails in her. On Monday he went as far as the Needles, and was only gone five hours; he arrived at his house here soon after five o’clock to dinner.

We had a storm here on Tuesday, owing to the wind blowing a very strong gale from SE, which lasted from about half past ten o’ clock till past one. The rain sometimes fell in torrents. No vessel could get out of Portsmouth, the wind and tide setting full against them; the dashing waves against the Royal Hospital for Seamen were seen distinctly from here, although it is seven miles across. They appeared to reach nearly the top of that stupendous building, and had the appearance of great bodies of smoke.

The waves here reached the windows of the first floor of some of the houses, and of course flooded the lower parts. It was considered one of the strongest seas ever known at this time of the year, nearly equal to those that take place at the latter end of autumn, or the beginning of the winter season.

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