‘Giving Ryde’s Past to the Future’

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Isle of Wight Observer 13th February 1875

St Thomas’ Church
To the Editor of the Isle of Wight Observer
Sir, As now arrangements have been made to the satisfaction of the congregation for the future conduct for the services in this Church, it is to be hoped the owners of the Church, will, without delay, cause the footpath and the graveyard and the surroundings to be put in proper order. The central position of the Church, and it being the first Church in Ryde, entitles it to be made wear a cheerful appearance. Let me suggest, Mr Editor, the footpath be paved with bricks, flowering shrubs be planted in the yard, the memorial stones to be looked to, and the outside fence made more ornamental. Hundreds of the inhabitants of the Borough would, as I should, rejoice to see such changes.
I am, Sir, your obedient servant
A Well Wisher

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